Runnit CNC is a locally owned and run machine shop based in Grand Junction, Colorado. The founder and CEO, Andrew Blood {center}, was inspired by his passion for bringing his ideas to life and by a need in the Grand Valley for a highly professional and efficient machine shop. This passion comes through in the motto: Dream. Design. Build. Once he formed a vision, Andy started building the shop and filling it with high-performing technology and skilled workers in 2014. Today, Runnit CNC is capable of everything from 3D scanning a part in its service position to fabricating hydraulic fluid tanks with our water jet and brake press. When you bring your designs and projects into our shop, you will encounter a small family that works together across several different disciplines. Runnit CNC loves hearing about new ideas and challenges, so come visit us! 

If you are wondering what new projects we are working on, which out our blog at RunnitRacing.com